The only modules that have been enabled on this site beyond the core modules are:

The style guide on this site is based upon the Style guide module. The Style guide module has it's own user interface that allows users to view ONLY the style guide page as implemented by any of the enabled themes available on this site. The style guide is not controlled by the Switch Theme module interface found in the footer of every page.

Use the style guide.

The temporary logo on this page was found from the following free icon site:

Right now, we're trying to include any theme that "looks good" out of the box for Backdrop CMS on this site. If you think we are missing any, please use the contact form to let us know. If you have a new contrib theme that you would like to test on this site, also let us know.

This site was built to showcase available themes for Backdrop CMS with some (vaguely) realistic content. Use the theme switcher option in the footer to try out some of the most popular finished themes available for Backdrop CMS. Or try the Style Guide page for more detailed look at each theme.